How can one be vegan AND crossfit? Follow my journey as I merge two worlds into one....

Get outta here Nemo


Nemo made an appearance this past weekend, did you hear? I live in Somerville but I crossfit at CFN because I teach in Newton.  I didn't drive into Newton on Friday (school was canceled due to the storm) and instead worked out with my boyfriend at his gym; Total Performance Sports. This gym is great as far as regular gyms go; bumper plates, pull-ups bars, tires, ropes and tons of atlas stones! (See below). The gym is located on the 3rd floor and the owner prefers you don't drop heavy weights. So there is a garage, separate from the main building, designed for heavy lifting days. It's small, bleak and chilly, and you need to check out a key to get in. We were working on snatches...

I actually failed this weight (95#)
I worked up to 75#, attempted the 95#, failed and then gave up. It was so cold down there! I kicked myself later though; I totally could have snatched 95.
Atlas stones (there were even more to the left!)
Back to Nemo's visit; we were stuck in the apartment all afternoon and evneing on Friday. The mayor of MA put a ban on driving and didn't lift it until Sunday. Even on Sunday driving conditions weren't ideal for my small, two-wheel drive Toyota Matrix. Long story short? I didn't crossfit for two days in a row and I was going crazy!

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