How can one be vegan AND crossfit? Follow my journey as I merge two worlds into one....


probably not, but that's what the can says!

Grayson, a guy I workout with at CFN gave it to me the other day. He bought it awhile back and didn't enjoy the taste. And boy was he right!! This is not the kind of protein powder you can mix in water. You need to mask the taste with any kind of smoothie you can get your hands on. I'm keeping this bad-boy at work and have Odwalla Superfood on hand. After my morning WODs I mix 1/3 cup of the powder with 18ish ounces of superfood; it's grainy and mealy...but I somehow get it down. 

Lets see what makes up THE ULTIMATE MEAL...

Cals 170
Protein 15g
Carbs 30g 

brown rice protein
pea protein
flax seed
sprouted yellow peas
spirulina 2000mg
Vit. D2  2000IU
lecithin 1500mg
broccoli 500mg
vit. C 500mg
horsetail herb 400mg
Vit. E 300IU
Calcium 250mg

and the list goes on and on, but I'm tired of typing. 

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