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Holy Blood Blister, Batman!

It's been awhile since my last post; lack of a fast computer will be my excuse. As I mentioned earlier last week, I started the competitor WODs at CFN. Before the switch, I would stay after class and work on skills and olympic lifts. But man, these new workouts involve are longer and more strenuous then the previous workouts I had been doing. Afterwards I have no more time and energy to work on anything else. It has totally sidelined my extra skills practice! 

Friday was a combination of 3 separate WODs. It was my first time doing HSPU and rope climbs in a WOD which was pretty exciting for me. I had to use 3 ab mats for the HSPUs, but hey, I was stoked nonetheless. 

On Saturday we had the choice of doing a 5K row or 4 mile run. Rowing is relatively new to me, so I like to take advantage of opportunities to hone the skill so I chose the 5K row. I kept a pretty consistent pace at 2:10 min splits and felt really great and powerful the first 3,000 meters. I started to get tired at 3,000 meters but kept the same pace. From 4,000-4,500 I picked up the pace averaging 2:05min splits. And the last 500 meters I kicked it up another knotch and kept a 1:59min pace finishing the 5K in 21:13. I was proud of my work, and energized to keep going so I worked on squat cleans and toes to bar. 

Sunday was an off day, but the adrenaline from the day before was still going strong so I bundled up and went on my first run in the snow! I ran the 3.25 mile loop around the Charles River, crossing the Harvard and Longfellow bridge. It was beautiful out and so exhilarating! 
Somehow after my run I was still pumped up, so I did some dumbbell snatches and practiced my kipping pull-ups. I PRed at 8 in a row (last week was 7)
ready, set, go!

Huge Swing!

get up there chin!

I took Monday off due-to a superbowl hangover and picked up with today's WOD: 

1. Deficit Deadlift
Deficit of 45Lb plates
This will be done with a clean grip and good form. work to a heavy 5
Keep a tight back and lats. If the hips move, the bar moves.
*it was challenging to hold on to the bar! I was able to do #165 x 5
2. “21″
There is a 3 min rest between A,B, and C
A) 7 min amrap   
7 thrusters@75/55
7 chest to bar pull-ups *had to do regular pull-ups
7 box jumps 20″
**4 rounds + 7 thursters and 2 pull-ups

B) 7 min amrap 
7 squat clean@95/65
7 pull ups
12 calories airdyne
**3 rounds + 1 squat clean
There were only 3 airdyne's available, so coach Rob and I decided I would do 10 calories on the rower. 

C) 7 min amrap
24 double unders
12 wall balls
6 knees to elbow(knees must touch the elbows)
**2 rounds + 24 double unders + 6 wall balls
Still working on double unders, so had to do 1du then 1 single etc, until I completed 24 double unders- this slowed me down. 

After 3 wods with bar work, I looked down at my hand and found this funny thing...
Hiding under a callus is a nice big blood blister. My first thought? "Holy blood blister, batman!" I haven't popped it yet...yikes

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