How can one be vegan AND crossfit? Follow my journey as I merge two worlds into one....

Get outta here Nemo


Nemo made an appearance this past weekend, did you hear? I live in Somerville but I crossfit at CFN because I teach in Newton.  I didn't drive into Newton on Friday (school was canceled due to the storm) and instead worked out with my boyfriend at his gym; Total Performance Sports. This gym is great as far as regular gyms go; bumper plates, pull-ups bars, tires, ropes and tons of atlas stones! (See below). The gym is located on the 3rd floor and the owner prefers you don't drop heavy weights. So there is a garage, separate from the main building, designed for heavy lifting days. It's small, bleak and chilly, and you need to check out a key to get in. We were working on snatches...

I actually failed this weight (95#)
I worked up to 75#, attempted the 95#, failed and then gave up. It was so cold down there! I kicked myself later though; I totally could have snatched 95.
Atlas stones (there were even more to the left!)
Back to Nemo's visit; we were stuck in the apartment all afternoon and evneing on Friday. The mayor of MA put a ban on driving and didn't lift it until Sunday. Even on Sunday driving conditions weren't ideal for my small, two-wheel drive Toyota Matrix. Long story short? I didn't crossfit for two days in a row and I was going crazy!


probably not, but that's what the can says!

Grayson, a guy I workout with at CFN gave it to me the other day. He bought it awhile back and didn't enjoy the taste. And boy was he right!! This is not the kind of protein powder you can mix in water. You need to mask the taste with any kind of smoothie you can get your hands on. I'm keeping this bad-boy at work and have Odwalla Superfood on hand. After my morning WODs I mix 1/3 cup of the powder with 18ish ounces of superfood; it's grainy and mealy...but I somehow get it down. 

Lets see what makes up THE ULTIMATE MEAL...

Cals 170
Protein 15g
Carbs 30g 

brown rice protein
pea protein
flax seed
sprouted yellow peas
spirulina 2000mg
Vit. D2  2000IU
lecithin 1500mg
broccoli 500mg
vit. C 500mg
horsetail herb 400mg
Vit. E 300IU
Calcium 250mg

and the list goes on and on, but I'm tired of typing. 

Holy Blood Blister, Batman!

It's been awhile since my last post; lack of a fast computer will be my excuse. As I mentioned earlier last week, I started the competitor WODs at CFN. Before the switch, I would stay after class and work on skills and olympic lifts. But man, these new workouts involve are longer and more strenuous then the previous workouts I had been doing. Afterwards I have no more time and energy to work on anything else. It has totally sidelined my extra skills practice! 

Friday was a combination of 3 separate WODs. It was my first time doing HSPU and rope climbs in a WOD which was pretty exciting for me. I had to use 3 ab mats for the HSPUs, but hey, I was stoked nonetheless. 

On Saturday we had the choice of doing a 5K row or 4 mile run. Rowing is relatively new to me, so I like to take advantage of opportunities to hone the skill so I chose the 5K row. I kept a pretty consistent pace at 2:10 min splits and felt really great and powerful the first 3,000 meters. I started to get tired at 3,000 meters but kept the same pace. From 4,000-4,500 I picked up the pace averaging 2:05min splits. And the last 500 meters I kicked it up another knotch and kept a 1:59min pace finishing the 5K in 21:13. I was proud of my work, and energized to keep going so I worked on squat cleans and toes to bar. 

Sunday was an off day, but the adrenaline from the day before was still going strong so I bundled up and went on my first run in the snow! I ran the 3.25 mile loop around the Charles River, crossing the Harvard and Longfellow bridge. It was beautiful out and so exhilarating! 
Somehow after my run I was still pumped up, so I did some dumbbell snatches and practiced my kipping pull-ups. I PRed at 8 in a row (last week was 7)
ready, set, go!

Huge Swing!

get up there chin!

I took Monday off due-to a superbowl hangover and picked up with today's WOD: 

1. Deficit Deadlift
Deficit of 45Lb plates
This will be done with a clean grip and good form. work to a heavy 5
Keep a tight back and lats. If the hips move, the bar moves.
*it was challenging to hold on to the bar! I was able to do #165 x 5
2. “21″
There is a 3 min rest between A,B, and C
A) 7 min amrap   
7 thrusters@75/55
7 chest to bar pull-ups *had to do regular pull-ups
7 box jumps 20″
**4 rounds + 7 thursters and 2 pull-ups

B) 7 min amrap 
7 squat clean@95/65
7 pull ups
12 calories airdyne
**3 rounds + 1 squat clean
There were only 3 airdyne's available, so coach Rob and I decided I would do 10 calories on the rower. 

C) 7 min amrap
24 double unders
12 wall balls
6 knees to elbow(knees must touch the elbows)
**2 rounds + 24 double unders + 6 wall balls
Still working on double unders, so had to do 1du then 1 single etc, until I completed 24 double unders- this slowed me down. 

After 3 wods with bar work, I looked down at my hand and found this funny thing...
Hiding under a callus is a nice big blood blister. My first thought? "Holy blood blister, batman!" I haven't popped it yet...yikes