How can one be vegan AND crossfit? Follow my journey as I merge two worlds into one....

Rope-climbs...a success!

This morning's workout:

L-sits - accumulate 2 minutes
I can't kick my legs out yet, just have my knees up. 


kbs 35#
double unders

9min 55 sec

The scaling for double unders was jumping over a bar with 10lb plates, side-to-side.  

After the WOD I worked on banded HSPU and rope climbs. My first time working on rope climbs, and I got them! I'm currently going with the wrap method; I find it easier to hold and Annie Thorisdottir uses this method, and she's a beast.

Also, did I mention I got new shoes? I was using regular running shoes, but I picked up some cute New Balance Minimus from City Sports this weekend. I was running around the store in them, and was so excited I couldn't speak properly.

They're very light, with thin soles. They have worked out great so far. 

Due to the type of food I'm eating, I get hungry pretty quickly so I always have snacks on hand. On my way from the gym to work this morning, I contemplated how much I actually eat in any given day. So I'm tracking my food for the next couple days, including calories and grams of protein. 

-one crunchy rice roll from trader joes (45cals, 1g protein) + 1 tbs peanut butter (95cals, 4g protein)
-2 cups Barbara's Shredded Spoonfulls (320 cals, 10.7g protein) ) + 1/2 cup almond milk (30 cals, .5g protein)

-24 brown rice crackers (180 cals, 6g protein), 6 tbs hummus (135cals, 3g protein)

- Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (175 cals, 1.5g protein. 
- sweet potato fries (500 cals, 5g protein), ketchup (60 cals)

-apple (116cals), 1tbs peanut butter (95cals, 4g protein)

- Amy's gluten free, dairy free burrito (240 cals, 7g protein), 1/4 avocado (80cals, 1g protein)

Overall: 2071 calories, 43.7g protein. 

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