How can one be vegan AND crossfit? Follow my journey as I merge two worlds into one....

So many avos

I couldn't wait to write about the yummy animal-friendly dinner I scarfed down...

Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas (Gluten Free!), tons of avocado, tomato and the beans and rice dish I made in my crockpot this weekend... here's the recipe for the beans and rice

And now time to get ready for bed, and it's just after 8 (what?!). Yep. You got it. I wake up 4:30am so I can crossfit at 5:30. You might be thinking, "she's just one of those crazy early morning people", well I guess I am now, but I didn't used to be, I swear. I would snooze the crap out of my alarm and get out of bed at the very last moment and rush to work. But after 2 weeks of going to the 5:30am class my body adapted and now it's no big thing. Weird.


  1. That recipe looks tasty. Did you soak the beans first, or just put them in dry?

  2. Here's the recipe for the bean and rice dish:

    It's so easy, and the beans go in dry (and come out delicious!)

  3. Cool, sounds yummy. Just wanted to double check because I made a crockpot chili with kidney beans and they stayed crueynchy :(. They needed to soak overnight, but I didn't put enough water in the soaking bowl and they absorbed it all... thought they'd still get soft in the crockpot but no dice.

    I'll have to try this one soon!

    ps I found your blog via your facebook posting on the vegan/veg crossfit page - it's Kim from that posting