How can one be vegan AND crossfit? Follow my journey as I merge two worlds into one....

The Beginning

It's strange being the only vegan in a sea of paleo-driven crossfitters. When they learn of my "veganness" they give me this look --------->
and continue to ask the questions and make the comments that I have heard a thousand times...

1. Where do you get your protein?
2. But meat is so delicious!
3. what's wrong with eating meat?
4. Where do you get your vitamin D?
5. I could never give up cheese. 
6. Can you eat seafood?
7. Why can't you eat eggs?

etc. etc. etc

Guess what??

1. I get plenty of protein from legumes(beans), quinoa, nuts, seeds and occasionally from soy or seitan. This country is obsessed with the idea that we need massive amounts of protein, and it's just not true. I received my BS in Clinical Nutrition from UC Davis, and have done all the research necessary to contest that we do not need as much protein as websites and books say we do (especially sources that inform weightlifters and athletes that they need abundant amounts of protein), it's unhealthy! It's protein overload!

2. Meat is only delicious when you flavor it. Salt, horseradish, ketchup, name it. No one eats meat on its own. I just take those delicious flavors put them on plant-based stuff instead!

3. I usually don't respond to this question, most people get offended with my answer. But if they insist...I don't eat meat, because eating meat is eating animals! It's killing innocent, beautiful creatures who just want to be alive. I would feel too guilty, and honestly after avoiding meat for over 3 years I think I would vomit if I tried eating it again.

4. I get my Vitamin D (and plenty of it!) from leafy greens and sweet potatoes.

5. Cheese. This was an especially hard one to give up for me. And I guess this is where I can fit in my diet history. (You might not enjoy reading my answer, FYI). I became vegetarian in November 2009 and had one weak moment in June 2010 where I consumed meat. After reading Skinny Bitch, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin,  and subscribing to VegNews Magazine, I decided to become vegan in February 2011. My first attempt at veganism lasted 8 months. I continued to be vegetarian throughout 2012 but starting this past December, I couldn't shake the guilt of eating dairy and eggs. So my new years resolution for 2013 was to exclude dairy and eggs from my diet. And I am 18 days strong (lol). This second vegan attempt is SOOO much easier, why you ask? Because every time I think I might want to eat cheese, I picture the mother cow and her baby calf who are ripped apart just moments after she gives birth. I picture the male baby cows, and their short lives on veal farms, encased in boxes in order to preserve their delicate flesh and muscle. And then I remember that by consuming milk I am contributing to the veal industry and therefore I am contributing to the deaths of millions of babies. Consuming milk = killing babies (that's literally what I say in my head when I'm tempted to eat cheese).

6. Nope. eating fish is eating fish meat. I don't eat meat.

7. Another answer people don't like to hear. Why are chickens farmed? For their meat and their eggs. Only female chickens lay eggs, and only female chickens are farmed for meat. So what happens to all the male chicks after they hatch? They get thrown away. Not kidding. Google it. Eating eggs = killing babies.

I apologize if it sounds like I'm ranting, I'm not, I only want to answer any questions you might be having - probably some of these! the rest of my posts will be on my adventures as a vegan crossfitter :) How I fuel myself for 5+ days of exercise and what I fuel myself with!


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