How can one be vegan AND crossfit? Follow my journey as I merge two worlds into one....

Kipping Pull-ups = rips

Ouch. Look what I did this weekend! I did 7 kipping pull-ups in a row, I was quite proud of myself. I came down off the bar, and found this bad-boy staring up at me. It was my first one, and I was stoked; I was walking around the gym showing people...and then I washed my hands and wished I could take all that gloating back.
I signed up for a competition in New Hampshire on April 13th, along with a few other girls from CFN. It will be my second comp., and I feel a lot better about this one. I have been putting a lot of extra time in at the gym, and my coach invited me to do competitor WODs now! I did my first one this morning with Joel and Dan:

1. Clean and Jerk
6 min to establish your heaviest 2    (115#)
once you put your hands on the bar you have 14 seconds to complete 2 reps
2. Front Squat
heaviest 1 for the day  (155#)
3. AMRAP 12 or complete 1 round
50 thrusters@95/65  (55#)
75 dbl-unders  *I can only do 3-5 consecutive DUs, so coach had me do singles every-other and still count them 
40 chest to bar or regular pull-ups 
*I was able to complete 30 before the 12 minutes were up. My hand was taped due to the rip, and the tape was getting in the way! Near the end I was only doing 1 at a time. 

My diet wasn't fantastic this weekend. Of course I did not consume any animal products, but I didn't eat a lot! I hadn't prepared full meals since last weekend, so I was surviving on Amy's brand products- which are delicious, don't get me wrong...but not my best option. On Saturday I had crossfit in the morning and for lunch I had an Amy's burrito and Amy's soup. Then i went out drinking with friend's and all I ate were sweet potato fries from a bar! Needless to say, I was starving the next morning (and the hangover didn't help). Thank goodness Matt went shopping yesterday so I made potatoes, beans and rice last night. I'll do kale and fruit smoothies this week to get my veggies in. It's strange, I'm vegan, yet I hardly eat vegetables. What's up with that??

I have been testing out vegan protein powders, this morning I had Vega Sport Performance Protein in vanilla.  It wasn't too bad compared to others that I've tried. It's more expensive than the others but I only do protein shakes every-other-day, so it's worth it.

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